We have been granted with several patent families on a product based on the synergism between propolis and carnosic acid (a polyphenol extracted from rosemary), named as VG01, for use in the prevention and treatment of fungal infections, such as those caused by Candida spp. and Cryptococcus neoformans, in humans and/or animals. The invention also relates to a synergistic pharmaceutical and/or veterinary composition and a synergistic food product, as well as food conservative.

Propolis and carnosic acid have the status of “food grade” products, both by their own specifications and by their production process. In addition, they are widely used in the food sector even before 1997, at which time the concept of «novel food» is generated. Besides, they are considered as technological additives regulated both in human and animal feed with the consequent toxicology studies recognized and validated by the EFSA. As a complement, mention that in studies of acute toxicity due to intake, carnosic acid obtained LD50 values> 2000 mg / kg body weight and day, and LD50 propolis> 7000 mg / kg body weight and day. So, its use is completely safe.

From an environmental point of view, one of the bases of the Vitalgaia business model involves the use of natural resources that do not require intensive use because they are available in a natural and massive way in the Mediterranean environment. In this sense, rosemary, both wild and industrial, being a plant typical of the Mediterranean is not demanding in terms of soil characteristics and develops well in slightly permeable, sandyclayey and calcareous soils. The most suitable climate for its development is warm-temperate being a species that tolerates droughts excellently. This last feature allows a sustainable adaptation to global climate change. All this makes the development of companies that take advantage of their cultivation properties, interesting, mostly in an environment where water deficits are remarkably frequent. Therefore, the Vitalgaia project is not only committed to the conservation of the environment with a zero impact on it but also this commitment includes the foreseeable impact that global climate change will have on the local climate.

Finally, we wish to emphasize that propolis and carnosic acid are biodegradable compounds, so their incorporation as a component of other products will not affect the biodegradation of the latter. Therefore, our activities are developed within a philosophy of deep respect for the environment. The substitution of compounds of chemical-synthetic origin with products of natural origin requires the necessary research seriousness to scientifically support such substitution, being Vitalgaia fully dedicated to this idea.